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GoFundMe: Trans stuff


Hi. My name is Ava and I’m an MtF trans woman. I’ve been in the process of transitioning physically for around 7 months now and I’m planning to go through SRS next winter. However, it’s an expensive process and I can’t afford it alone. So I would appreciate any help you are willing to give. Even…

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Ka-Pow: Watch These Fish Cannons Shoot Salmon Safely Over Dams

Salmon have serious swimming skills—some travel thousands of miles to return to their original homes to breed. But even though they can jump as high as 12 feet in the air, they can’t manage to get over massive concrete dams that we have built to block their journeys back to their homes. Now one new idea could give them a boost. The plan involves whisking the fish through a long vacuum tube at speeds up to 22 miles per hour and then shooting them out the other end like a cannon.

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